Don’t Mess With The Ringmaster!

Dont mess with the ringmaster





Today’s Blog features Jestyr on the right. And many props from the Cirque de Seraphim – an event on two sims that is aiming to raise funds for the ASPCA. The theme is circus and it ends on November 26th. Be sure to check out Jestyrs blog and all of his amazing work.


  • Hair:  Dura-Boys&Girls*51
  • Pants:  Redrum – Carnivale Jeans
  • Mask:  Zmoon Collection – Clown Mask (Marketplace)
  • Hands: DRD demonhands male
  • Blades:  DRD -zombie apoc – armblade
  • Hat:  [ContraptioN] Standard Issue Top Hat
  • Jacket:  [R3] – Shane Coat
  • Bowtie:  [SWaGGa] Spiked Bowtie (Devil)


For more details about what Jestyr is wearing please view his blog – Just Jestyr




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