Let’s Freeze

Lets Freeze Fin 2

  • Face Tattoo:  Fallen Gods Inc – GROM face tattoo
  • Body Tattoo:  [Jae] Starry Fire Oxi Full (No longer Available)
  • Back Halo:  ::Axix:: Maev Halo Black (Rare)
  • Hands:  DRD demonhands
  • Shorts:  JOMO Men MESH shorts
  • Horns:  Magnifique Malevolent Horns
  • Collar:  VC Designs: C-001 Collar (Mens) (no longer available)
  • Hat:  [ContraptioN] Standard Issue Top Hat
  • Eyes:  [Gauze] Smoldering Eyes
  • Chest Strap:  [The Forge] Chest Harness
  • Armour:  [The Forge] Daerwen
  • Hair:  ~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair
  • Location:  ChouChou – Memento Mori



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